A brand new website for Terra d'Oliva

A brand new website for Terra d'Oliva

We are proud to announce the new online store for Terra d'Oliva! Completely redesigned, we now offer our customers a top notch online experience. 

The new website was designed by PVDZN, a web marketing and design agency located in South Bay Los Angeles. Paulo Santos, marketing director of the agency, tells us a little bit about the process of bringing our new website to reality.

"Working with Terra d'Oliva has been an amazing experience since day one. We sit with Vladimir for a long talk about his vision for the company for the next few years, and then we spent a few days, if not weeks, learning about the uniqueness of the products - from the ancient olive trees to the masterful crafting work that creates the finest olive oils I have ever tasted, and the art of mixing them with the bold flavors of balsamic vinegars. I'm confident that the new website will deliver the smooth and seamless experience the demanding Terra d'Oliva customers deserve."

With the new design, we are also introducing the Terra d'Oliva Blog, a space where we will share with you new trends, events and news from the industry, a redesigned shopping experience, focusing on usability with a new e-commerce system, a reservation tool, where you can schedule the Tasting Bar and other events online with us, and much more.

Welcome to our new website. We invite you to enjoy it, but slowly, just the way you enjoy extra virgin olive oil. Cheers!

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