Quality Assurance

Why Terra d'Oliva

Terra d'Oliva's compromise in bringing you the finest olive oils and vinegars goes a long way. From meticulously selected producers around the world, through first class production standards, to product certifications, and the bottle you hold in your hands, we stand 100% behind everything that is worthy to receive the Terra d'Oliva brand. 

Extra virgin olive oils

Our objective is to bring the highest quality and freshest single and multi-varietal extra virgin olive oils available from around the world both Northern and Southern hemispheres. We only work with Importers whose growers and producers meet and surpass the standards set forth by the International Olive Oil Council and are approved. Every lot number of oil has been tested as part of our suppliers documentation and certification of Analysis from an approved laboratory.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Our direct supplier is certified and audited yearly by Organic Certifiers of California. The products we offer are purchased under the same strict guidelines as our traditional Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

Infused Olive Oils

Our infused olive oils are made with 100% Pure, refined olive oil (no pomace or lampante oils or canola). This particular oil is chosen for these particular infusions because the strong flavor of an extra virgin olive oil fights with the subtle flavorings of the fresh herbs. These oils are produced over a 6-8 week period during which time the artisan infusion takes place under strict supervision and continued testing. The resultant product showcases the aroma and taste of the herbs and spices infused into the oil.

Fused Oils

By combining our flavored and infused olive oils, we have created an array of unique and creative taste treats. These contain both extra virgin and pure olive oils.

Balsamic Vinegar

Our 25 star Balsamic Vinegar is from Modena, Italy and is an all-natural product. We have the product made especially for us by one of the most renowned balsamic producers in Italy who have perfected their artisan craft over generations. The high amount of grape must in this product gives the thick viscosity and the decadent smooth, sweet taste without the use of thickeners or sweeteners nor do we adulterate the product with lesser grade vinegar. This is a winner in every dish and on every table. CAUTION: Once tried, this balsamic can not only be addictive but your imagination may go wild with creativity. Our 25 Star Balsamic trumps all.

Flavored Balsamic Vinegar

Using our 25 Star Balsamic Vinegar as a base we introduce all-natural concentrates and extracts to create a world of flavors. We also introduce a line of savory flavored balsamics that are 8 Star from Modena.