Alaea Red Clay Sea Salt

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Bright and flavorful, Alaea Hawaiian-Style Sea Salt is almost as delicious as a walk along a tropical beach. Treasured for its beautiful brick red color, Alaea is a traditional Hawaiian-style red sea salt that is completely natural. Pure solar-evaporated sea salt is enriched with purified red alae clay from the island of Kauai, which helps to naturally seal in the moisture of meats when roasting & enhances the flavors of any dish. Alaea Hawaiian-Style Sea Salt is prized by chefs for its unique color and earthy taste, and is perfect for brines, spice rubs, grilled seafood and vegetables. Pay homage to its origin by adding it to traditional Hawaiian dishes such as kalua pig, lomi lomi salmon and poke, or keep it simple and use it as a colorful replacement for your everyday table salt.